Monday, August 17, 2009

Enoshima Beach Part 2

Okay.. so a lot has happened since my last input. Strong earthquakes, fireworks, sexy shoots.. and airsoft games. I promise to write about all these things but let me slide this in first. This is fresh and I am still overwhelmed by the fun and excitement of our weekend escapade.

On the last minute, on Friday night, August 14, 2009, our group of Photographers here in Tokyo planned to go to Enoshima to spend the weekend there. The initial plan was to meet up on the next day, Saturday, August 15, 2009 at around 3PM at Takase - Enoshima Station of the Odakyu Line and set-up tents near the beach, cook food (BBQ), drink beers, shoot and spend the night and go home the next morning. We did just that and it was awesome.

Me , my wife (Tata), Neri and Bernadette arrived at Enoshima at about 3:30PM, met John and set-up our camp on a camping site just above the beach. A very nice location to the right side of the East beach, just in front of the surfing area. The camp site was just perfect too, covered by soft grass instead of sand, it was neat and near to everything. The supermarket was just behind it, about 200 meters away, the toilet was even closer. Joey came at around 4:30PM followed by Sonny and Cesar.

More came later that night including Ningning and Margarita. It was hot, there were only a few clouds, about 28 degrees celsius with a cool breeze. I even tried to take a nap under the "still" harsh 5PM summer sun.

While they were cooking, I went to the beach and shot the sunset (yeah yeah.. I was trying to get away) and I was joined by Joey, it was her Mom's 6th death anniversary and he was taking shots of the sunset too as a dedication to her Mama. I didn't know 'til today, though, no wonder he was a little bit sad yesterday. "Joey, wherever she may be, I know that she is proud of you".

The night came and we didn't stop shooting, product shots with the city lights in the background - bokeh. Unfortunately, I didn't have my 50mm lens because I left it at the office so I was frustated with the bokehs from the 17-85mm lens of Tata's 50D.

Then, we gathered the girls for more shooting. The area was too dark and we only have portable lamps, so again, I was frustrated by the shot from the kit lens. I never missed the 50mm more, because it would have been awesome to shoot with its 1.8 aperture opening. More light and more DOF.

We stopped shooting when we realized that it was 4AM. Rested a little bit, then shot more at daybreak, the sun came as a "concerto pianist" accompanied by an orchestra of beautiful cloud formations that provided and inner glow of the best sunrise light I have ever seen, it was just "classical music" to my eyes.

We cleaned the campsite, packed and left at around 5:30AM, then we decided to have breakfast at Denny's at around 6AM, boarded the train at around 7AM and got home past 8AM. Showered, posted photos in the forum and at flickr, then slept like a baby and woke up at 5PM today.

So here it is, because I am still savoring our sweet summer escapade, I am writing it now.

Please see this last photo, my 65 entry to my 365 challenge at flickr. Taken at exactly 5AM.


  1. nice! sayang na naman to. sorry di kami nakasama..

  2. @Rya

    Next time.. Kyoto ba? mukhang okey yan ah..

  3. ang bilis! :)
    nice one, bro. that was a good break, indeed.

  4. I lived in Japan for seven years and went to Enoshima beach in the summer. I had fun talking with the young people and taking pictures.