Monday, April 6, 2009

April 4, 2009, African Festival Yokohama 2009 at Akarenga

As an Embassy staff, I needed to be at this event, the 3rd African Festival in Yokohama at Akarenga (Red Brick Warehouse) near Minato Mirai, the famous landmark of Yokohama, where literally, the Landmark Tower is located. I'm there not only for my job, but also for fun. I can hear the Immigration Officer say, Welcome to Yokohama, you are visiting for "Business of Pleasure"? and I answered.. "Uh.. Both!"

I came with my wife and we enjoyed the African food and live music during lunch (1PM). The rhythmic thumping of tribal drums and chanting of ancient vocals was a perfect display of the colorful culture of this continent of hope. Africa is known to be the "Cradle of Life" and from the artifacts and the handicrafts exhibited here, it might be, because it seems so "Earthly".

In the backdrop of the Festival, a Flower Garden was also in display. Tourists from all over the Kanto region flocked to this venue, wielding their cameras, pointing and shooting at the magnificent flower formations.

At about 3PM, on this cloudy Saturday, people suddenly gathered around the back portion of the Flower Garden and there it was, a wedding occurring in the middle of this most public site. It was just breath-taking.

Regardless of the onlookers, I thought that it was a perfect wedding. A Japanese bride, married a Black American, and I'd say he's maybe Military or a rapper.. (Ironic).

Later that night, I closed the booth and went on shooting for something poetic. Captured a few shots from here and there. I forgot my tripod so everything was hand held.

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