Monday, April 6, 2009

April 5, 2009, Sakura Festival at Senzoku-ike Park

April is my favourite month in many ways. It marks the end of my hated season, which is Winter, shifting to the best season that is Spring. It is also the month where the famous Sakura blooms (Cherry Blossoms) boasting magnificent scenery and a relaxing atmosphere.. well not so, since a lot of people go and see them. Eating, drinking and talking under the aura of these amazing trees, people flock the parks and the places where these are, setting mats and stools in a picnic-like manner. Drinking beers and "sake", with a lot of "yaki" (roasts); "takoyaki" (octopus), "yakitori" (chicken), "yakiniku" (meat, pork or beef), "yakisoba" (soba - a type of noodle) and others. For some reason, a lot of vendors set their booths around these areas during these events, some even have tables and chairs that really looked like restaurants where you can sit down, eat and drink your beers, in a more comfortable fashion.

I went with my wife at around 5PM hoping to get dusk shots, and praying that maybe the place will not be that packed, but when we got there, OMG, hundreds of people are still there, even at that hour and to think, it was a Sunday, hence, work for the next day... uh-oh.. I had a feeling that they will be there until midnight. It is indeed a festival.

The place is just 2 stations from our apartment, in fact, the park is one of our jog destinations. It is huge with a man made lake that caters to a good number of wild ducks and swans, including some gulls and doves. The lake also has a huge population of "koi" (colorful japanese carps). I noted the biggest to be a meter long. It felt like a monster with its bone structure crooked, but it moves so slow. Well it is for sure ancient.

The "Sakuras" are in full bloom, well except the pink ones, these bloom late.

Took a few pictures but our real challenge is to get good dusk and night shots, that is why we brought our tripod. We actually got a few good ones (wink). We drank beers and ate "takoyaki" and "karage" (fried chicken with no bones) while we waited for the best time to take the shot.

Stayed until 7PM and went home. It was a good experience.

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