Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 8, 2009, A Walk to Tamagawa

Wednesday, 9:30PM. Still feeling after-shocks from the weekend of “Sakura Hanami”, I went home from work at around 7:30PM and told my wife that we should go for a walk at Tamagawa River after dinner. I felt that we are still hungry for more “sakura” and it was a good way to supress it, it was also a great time to see and take photos of the final stage of this yearly occurrence. She complied with much delight, adding that we needed a little exercise to burn- off some calories because we both gained a little weight through the winter.

The weather was perfect, the temperature was OK at around 18° C, and the sky was lit by an "almost-full-moon". All in all, it was a good night for a walk. Our target was a park just right after the Tamagawa Station, bordering Denen-chofu and the Tamagawa River. It is a park on a hill overlooking the river and the Kawasaki area. We will walk for 20 minutes from our apartment to reach our destination.

Tokyo could be the busiest and the largest metropolis in the world. The City devoted most of its resources not only to skyscrapers and highly advance technology, but also to parks and places of relaxation to reciprocate the constant stress of the giant economy and the busy life. The parks inside and outside the city boasts great landscaping and beautiful flowers, Japanese gardening leads in concept and composition in the world world today.

We got there after taking the Marukobashi route, bypassing the “Nakahara-kaido” (a main road going to the Kanagawa area) and went up from the river. The park looks magnificent at night with the whitish-pink sakura trees revitalizing and giving extra colors to the scene. Just as expected, the light of the moon illuminates the river and the trees, silhouetting a fine hint of glow. We took some pictures and went on deeper into the park. There we saw more sakura watchers, or more like drinkers. They are group together, sitting in a circle with their mats, eating and drinking. But the people here are fewer this time. Bought our beers and we joined them. Took a couple of shots, relaxed a little and we went home.

On our way home, I thought that maybe it's good to take some shots of the beautiful Kawasaki skyline. Took a shot at the bridge too. It came out quite good. Here are the rest of the pictures including a shot at our neighborhood.


  1. oh the hanami season is almost over but its nice that you were able to get some shots of the blooms. and i think for the coming days, expect the sea of flowers flooding japan :-)

    liked the first pic a lot

  2. Thanks mai, Spring is always a welcomed season. Please let me know if you plan in going to one of those Botanical Gardens. Let's have a shoot.